Welcome to Shine's Cricket Academy(SCA)

The Shine's Cricket Academy (SCA) was founded IN 2002 by Mr Shine S.S, who is the Executive Director and Chief Coach of the academy. The Academy initially aimed to provide opportunities for developing the young cricketing talents of the Loyola School, Trivandrum. However, in the better interest of the Game of Cricket, the facilities were thrown open to deserving kids of other schools in the city. The Academy has turf, cement and matt wickets for net practice sessions.

It was initially located at Loyola Schools premises in the name of Loyola Cricket Academy, Sreekariyam, Trivandrum. But for the benefit of society and to nurture young talents, the academy has moved to St. Mary’s School Grounds, Pattom, Trivandrum.

Our vision is to nurture and mould next generation of young talented cricketers from all facets of the society with the right attitude and respect to the game.

  • Summer Camp

    Summer Camp for the New Players

    Every year during the summer holidays in April and May, summer camps are conducted for players who are new to the game of cricket. Many players from this group are inducted to the Academic Program based on their appetite, interest and prospects.

  • Programs for NRIs

    Short Term high Intensity Program for NRI Kids

    Specifically targeted for kids from NRI families. This high intensity short duration program and is focused on specific areas of improvement as discussed and finalized between the head coach.

  • One on One Sessions

    One on One focused Sessions

    Players can avail focused one on one sessions with the head coach for specific corrections and improvements, which will fast track the progress of the player’s competency.

  • Academic Programs

    Academic Year Program for different Age Category

    This signature program of the academy is scheduled for 5 days a week for each player and program also includes a real match experience on weekend.