Cricket Juniors (Above 12 yrs)

The players over 12 years will get special attention and individual sessions to mold themselves into a right cricketer. Sessions will be given on technical skills and also for boosting their physical and mental fitness.

The Players will get a chance to participate in junior tournaments happening within and outside Kerala.

Summer camp for students

Every year SCA offers a summer camp for kids who are interested in Cricket and are passionate towards the game of cricket. The camp duration would be 35 working days starting on first week of April and ending by second half of May.

The chief coach Shine himself would be spending more time with the players teaching them the basics and evaluating them if they have a cricketing future or not. Unlike other camps, at SCA the parents will get a clear message from the coach whether their kids are talented or fit for the game of cricket.  Multiple drill sessions will be conducted focusing on building the physical fitness. Skills session will be given to the players so as to lay solid foundation on the cricketing basics.


  • Understanding Cricket and Rules
  • Training sessions on Batting, Bowling, Wicket-keeping and Fielding
  • Sessions on fitness improvement
  • Game enhancing drills
  • Sessions mimicking real match scenarios
  • Sessions to enhance match presence

Specialized Coaching At Team Level

The main coach Shine often finds time to give coaching for teams on special requests.  He has given sessions to school teams and clubs on short term basis.

If you are interested in availing these sessions, get in touch with the academy.

Cricket Seniors (Above 16 yrs)

Players above 16 years are picked as Cricket Seniors group. There will  be different sessions on both skills  and drills planned for the senior batch.  Players are again regrouped as bowlers/batsman based on which they will be given specific sessions to improve their skills.

The Players will get matches on Academy ground and also get a chance to play tournaments within and outside Kerala.

Cricket Boys (Under 12 yrs)

The admission to this group will be purely based on the skills. Those who have proven skills during the summer camp are directly eligible for getting picked for this group.

The technical skills training sessions will be more focused on setting up the cricket basics right.