Academic Program

Academic Year Program for different Age Category

  • This signature program of the academy is scheduled for 5 days a week for each player and includes a real match experience on one day a week. This program covers the age categories of Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 19. A point to highlight is that kids can start at a very early age and get groomed into the program, and there are kids who have started at an early age of 5 too. For players who are really committed, they can also join for additional practice sessions, 4 days in a week as morning batches.
  • A one week tour is organized every year for all the eligible players in the academy, where the players get a chance to travel to destinations outside Kerala and play at excellent facilities with good teams handpicked by the head coach of the academy. This tour not only gives exposure to the players on actual match practice, but on learning all the nuances of traveling on a cricket tour as part of a team and performing.
  • Apart from the weekly practice matches that are organized for players within the academy, lot of opportunities are provided for the players to participate in the Trivandrum district league matches as well as in various tournaments and matches with other teams.
  • Competent teams from outside the state of Kerala including some from other countries like Srilanka and England visit the academy regularly and play matches with the players of the academy thus giving the players of the academy excellent exposure.
  • Experts in different areas like physical fitness, nutrition, sports psychology as well as cricketing skills itself are brought to the academy regularly to interact with the players and they benefit from these interactions.

One on One Sessions

One on One focused sessions

  • Players can avail focused one on one sessions with the head coach for specific corrections and improvements, which will fast track the progress of the player’s competency.

Programs for NRIs

Short Term high Intensity Program for NRI Kids

  • Specifically targeted for kids from NRI families, this high intensity short duration program is focused on specific areas of improvement as discussed and finalized between the head coach of the academy and the parents.

Summer camp for students

Summer Camp

  • Every year during the summer months of April and May, specific summer camps are conducted for players who are new to the game of cricket, and many players from this based on their appetite, interest and prospects are inducted to the Academic Program.