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The Shine’s Cricket Academy (SCA) was founded by Mr Shine S S who is the Executive Director and Chief Coach of the academy. The Academy initially aimed to provide opportunities for developing the young cricketing talents of the Loyola School, Thiruvanathapuram. However, in the better interest of the Game of Cricket, the facilities were thrown open to deserving kids of other schools in city also.

The Academy has turf, cement and matt wickets for net practice sessions. It was initially located at Loyola Schools premises in the name of Loyola Cricket Academy, Sreekariyam, Trivandrum. But for the benefit of society and to nurture young talents, the academy has moved to St. Mary’s School Grounds, Pattom, Trivandrum.

Shine S S is a memeber of the TDCA, Kerala State Coach and a formal cricket player. Academy has consultants in sports medicine, fitness and other departments for the childeren enrolled for coaching. Numerous numbers of students of the academy were selected in to the Kerala State Cricket team. It is very much heartening to note that more than 100 of our boys so far got selected to the Trivandrum District Cricket team. Many of our boys are playing for the Trivandrum A & B division league cricket competitions. Since 2001, 20 boys from the academy represented the Kerala State Schools team in the National School Games. More than 16 students got selsction in the University tournaments and the academy has produced Ranji Trophy and Twenty20 Senior also.

The academy has conducted three international tours more than 20 national tours to participate in Cricket tournaments. The academy was the only school team from Kerala invited to the School’s World Cup organized by the Delhi Public School. Academy organized one International Cricket tournament in 2005 and were champions in the International Cricket Tournament held in Goa during May 2007 defeating the boys from England.

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